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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Dollhouse

Well I have decided to start posting on this thing finally after years of thinking about it. Anyway I am not sure what it will turn into or if anyone will ever read it but here it goes. The reason I think I want to post is that I am constantly trying my new 'hobby of the week' and wind up learning a lot about a bunch of different things that I felt like it would be useful to leave around for someone else.

So on of the projects I have going right now is a doll house and I want to kind of document the process I used. I am by no means a expert I am basically learning as I go.

So here is the dollhouse I am building:

It called the Architect's Choice Design Number 3.

I have been looking online to see one of these things completed or see anyone else building it and I haven't found anything. If anyone knows of one please let me know.

The story behind this doll house is interesting. My wife and I where in our teens back in 1991 when we bought this kit (for 8 dollars). We had enough money to pay for the wood and that was about it. So we built most of the shell and it sat in her fathers shop for about 7 years. Then after we where married and living in our own house he "asked" if we wanted it, so we took it and stuck it in our basement for another 10 years. Now we have 2 girls 5 and 7 and decided this Christmas 2009 to take it out and finish it.

Here is a view from the back.

As you can see I still have not finished the tower.

1 - Plans - 8 dollars.
2 - 4 x 8 - 3/8 inch Plywood. - 40 bucks - I forget?
1 - Wood Glue - 2 bucks
1 - Pack 1 inch Brads, maybe 3 bucks.
Running Total: 45 ish.

1. Make sure you keep a cut list and check it off as you go.
2. Cut all your pieces (God please use a table saw. This way you can get all the rooms exactly the same height)
3. The plans will say to figure out your window sizes first. (I didn't and had no trouble cutting the windows/doors bigger after construction.

The one word of advice I would give at this point is to paint at least a primer and definitely do the ceiling paint color before assembling. I didn't and the fifth or sixth time I smashed my head I really wished I did.

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My Realitty said...

Thank you. I love to see something installed before I try it.This helps a lot! CM